Charlotte-bound! A series of thoughts while heading to the DNC

We have an anti-bullying movement right now centered around our young people. How about an anti-bullying movement around campaigns?

I admit that I have a love/hate relationship with the upcoming elections.  I love the freedom and rights we have to vote, but I hate the level of negativity that has been reached in state and national campaigns.

Why is there a need to make personal attacks?  Why do we need to resort to name calling and making unfounded generalizations about parties and supporters? There are more scowls than smiles.  More angry shouting than thoughtful debates and conversations.

We have an anti-bullying movement right now centered around our young people.  How about an anti-bullying movement around campaigns?  What kind of an example do we (those who are even slightly politically active) set when we post a video on Facebook or Twitter about how “It gets better…” one minute, then follow it with a mean spirited post/video/meme about a candidate or campaign a few minutes later?

I don’t consider myself above the fray in all of this, as I’ve had to look at what I’ve done in the not too distant past.  Now, however, I can decide not to engage in this behavior even further.  Hopefully others will feel the same way and decide to be consistent in messaging opinions and suggestions.

Though I don’t leave for the DNC until tomorrow, I feel like I’m already on delegate duty.  I’ve taken time to listen to some of the RNC speeches this week, with Mitt Romney’s speech coming tonight.   Actually, let me be more accurate: I’ve listened to the beginning of the speeches to catch the tone of the speaker, but once the name calling starts, I tune out.  I then rely on NPR for the written transcripts so I can read what was said.

It’s a bit disappointing when half-truths are spoken and sound bites are used out of context (by all parties/pundits).  As a former aspiring journalism student, I’m reminded why I decided to veer from this career path.  I have remained, however, a fan of fact checking. Fact checking articles tend to be the ones I read most.

I will approach the speeches at the DNC the same way.  I’ll try my best to mute out the name calling and extreme views by the few delegates that will feel the need to communicate this way.  I plan on breaking all of this down for myself once I come back from the DNC and make some side-by-side comparisons.

I’m also taking time to update and consolidate my “technology” for the trip. Taking an iPad with me instead of a laptop so I can do quick updates during the trip.  I need to practice use of the camera and video functions and their ease of use with the WordPress app.

If you'd like to follow my posts during the DNC, you can do so at aliciainmtnview.wordpress.com

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