Agreement Reached on Use of Madera (Minton’s) Rooftop Deck

Prometheus agrees to limits on noise and occupancy. Neighbors agree not to Appeal Zoning Administrator’s Decision.

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After three weeks of intense, behind-the-scenes discussions, Prometheus Real Estate Group representatives and a committee of Old Mountain View neighbors representing residents came to an agreement on the use of the rooftop recreation and entertainment center being built on top of the Madera (Minton’s) apartment complex.

The agreement was facilitated by Mountain View’s Director of Community Development Randy Tsuda, who brought the two sides together for discussions.

In order to make the use of the rooftop area more acceptable to the neighbors, Prometheus has agreed to the following:

  1. Additional planter areas will be used to segment the 2,200 foot area into distinct smaller circulation areas.
  2. The occupancy of the area will be limited to 50 people.
  3. Boom boxes, portable televisions and other audio/video equipment with externally audible speakers will be prohibited. Personal audio players with headphones will be permitted.
  4. The rules of use will be clearly posted in the area and will be part of the lease agreement signed by all tenants.
  5. On-site management and a courtesy patrol will be available on a 24-hour basis to ensure that the area is clear from 10PM to 9AM and any complaints about violations of the rules are handled promptly. Fob-access controls will be used to limit access by residents to the posted hours of operation.
  6. Special events will be hosted only by Prometheus or a resident of the Madera complex.

The neighbors thank Mr. Tsuda for facilitating the agreement with Prometheus Vice President Jon Moss and Senior Development Manager Nathan Tuttle that allows their future residents the opportunity to enjoy this amenity while providing a minimal impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

I also personally would like to thank those who served on the committee: OMVNA Chair David Lewis, , Jerry Steach, Annette Nielsen, Bill McCormack, Tony Morales, Melanie Kaye, Paul Lansky, Rocco Santoro and Sally Porush. Their hard work made this agreement was possible.

I think it is a win-win situation for Prometheus and the neighbors, and an example of what can happen when city staff works to bring both sides together.

-- Robert Cox, Vice Chair, Old Mountain View Neighborhood Association


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