AT&T Gives Stanford Stadium WI-FI

Stanford becomes the first campus to offer WI-FI access in all of its sporting venues.

Bring those iPads and other WI-FI-friendly devices to the next big game at Stanford. Instant replays and watching multiple games at one time are now possible.

Stanford University is the first university campus to bring AT&T WI-FI to all of its athletic venues, according to Lane Kasselman, spokesman with AT&T.

Mobile apps, mobile access to video and instant replays now enrich each game day. Bob Bowlsby, the Jaquish & Kenninger director of athletics at Stanford, and Loretta Walker, AT&T vice president, introduced the WI-FI capabilities Thursday at the first large-scale sporting event—NCAA tennis tournament—that could benefit from this new placement.

“We think we’re going to have a situation where the technology is absolutely the best in a college space,” Bowlsby said.

He said he is “excited” for the advantages this new placement will bring the fans.

Both Bowlsby and Walker tried out the WI-FI on a Smart device after introducing it to the public.

“I know that the fans will enjoy it,” Walker said. “The end result is you’re going to have a fun experience.”

Fans can now upload photos and videos more quickly to social networks while watching games. AT&T is also working on mobile apps to assist fans for game time, according to the press release. These include Live In-Stadium instant replay, interactive games and stadium guides.

Paula Sandas, CEO and president of the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce, emphasized the importance of businesses and individuals staying connected.

“Palo Alto has some dead spots, and we suffer from that, so we’re excited about the WI-FI here,” Sandas said, adding that this is a good start to great connectivity.

Next up: AT&T is working on another WI-FI hotspot at 488 University Ave.

commuter May 20, 2011 at 11:46 PM
If this WiFi open to everyone, or only AT&T wireless customers?
Nicole Baldocchi May 22, 2011 at 11:02 PM
Hello "commuter", Thanks for reading Palo Alto Patch. I brought my laptop to test out the WiFi at the stadiums myself. It was awesome! It was very fast. I just opened the Internet browser on my computer and was brought to a page that showed me that I was connected to the WiFi. You do not need to have AT&T wireless for this to work. It was similar to the screen that you see when you try to use Internet at Starbucks. Hope this helps!


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