National Tempura Day Offers Deep-Fried Goodness

What's your favorite tempura? And where do you go in Mountain View to get some?

There's just something about deep fried food ...

January 7 is National Tempura Day and lucky for Mountain View, the dish can be found at several restaurants in the city.

The dish, first served in the 16th century was introduced to the Japanese by Portuguese Jesuit missionaries. Tempura ingredients include prawns, sweet potato, various mushrooms and vegetables.

Here are a few Mountain View restaurants that offer the deep fried food:

  • Bushido
  • Hachi Japanese Fusion Tapas
  • Hanabi Sushi
  • Happi House Restaurant
  • Hon Sushi
  • Maru Ichi
  • Masa's Sushi
  • Momoya Sushi
  • Nami Nami
  • Ramen House Ryowa
  • Satsuma Restaurant
  • Shalala Japanese Noodle House
  • Shabuway
  • Sono Sushi
  • Sura Restaurant
  • Sushitomi
  • Sushi 85 Ramen
  • Sushi 85
  • Sushi Tei
  • Yakko Japanese Restaurant

Where's the best tempura in Mountain View? Tell us in the comments below and review your favorite restaurant here.


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