SHARE: Endeavour Bloopers!

Did you almost missed this historic moment? It's okay. You weren't the only one.

The biggest news in California on Friday could have been the sale of the iPhone 5, but it wasn't—it was Space Shuttle Endeavour's last ferry flight!

Like many of you, I charged my equipment and went outside to catch the sight. Fortunately, NASA Ames is in my backyard and I joined 20,000 other people there for the historic moment.

However, I almost missed it.

Yes, I embarassingly admit that I kept my eyes on the chaser planes escorting Endeavour and missed getting that "money" shot that photographers dream of. Then I didn't adjust my zoom quickly enough.

So I instead have choppy video with seconds—that feel like an eternity—of the beautiful blue sky.

As people began to share photos on our Patch sites, we also heard stories of "well, it's not a very good video" or "I didn't actually get a good picture."

Well, don't fret. Now it's your time to share! I'm reloading my video and it's okay to laugh. I've laughed all weekend long!



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