Silly Pets: Can You Find the Cat?

Share photos of your pet in the most unusual place you've found them hiding.

I've never been a pet owner, so when I thought my friend's cat—who spent one night with me—had jumped out my fourth story window, I knew I had some learning to do.

My college roommate arrived to her apartment in New York City one day to find that it had been burglarized. She, understandably so, didn't want to spend the night there, but her boyfriend's roommate was allergic to cats. So I volunteered to bring Bijou home with me.

Even though my neighbors had pets, I never had any growing up in our cramped Washington Heights apartment, but I figured, 'how hard can a cat be?'

The next morning when I awoke and couldn't locate the cat, I panicked. Where could the cat have gone? It had been a steamy night and I had slept with my window wide open. Did the cat jump out because it was unaccostumed to my apartment?

I eventually called my friend at work and she laughed. She told me to pick up the bag of dry food and shake it, that the cat's probably hiding somehwere and will emerge when she hears the food.

After a few shakes in each room of my small home, I slowly see Bijou come out from behind the stove. The stove? "She was probably trying to stay warm," my friend said over the phone.

Phew! Luckily she was hiding and not running away from me.

What's been the most interesting place you've found your pet hiding? Where do they like to sleep that's usually and odd location? If you have a photo, feel free to upload it!


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