Tailor Your Father's Day Gift to His Personality

Don't know what to get Dad this year? Check out these ideas.

As Father's Day approaches you might wonder "What can I get Dad that will show him just how much I appreciate him?" or "I wonder if Dad will notice if I give him the same thing I did last year?"

If this sounds like you, worry no more! Patch has come up with a gift guide to match Dad's personality.

If Dad Is...

The bookworm: Kindle reading device, Barnes & Noble NOOK ebook reader, a book light, documentaries on DVD, tickets to an author event, audio books to listen to on the road, subscription to the New York Times, a language learning kit.

  • Local shopping options: ; ; ; ; and

The outdoorsman: Camping gear (outdoor lanterns and lights, sleeping bags, binoculars, tents, gloves), customized box of nutrition bars, solar powered digital watch, a membership to the Sierra Club, classic Swiss army knives, fishing or hunting gear.

  • Local shopping options:  ; 

The high-tech guy: Apple iPad, a tablet personal computer, net book, OnPar Golfing GPS, the Droid Incredible, iPhone speaker dock, pocket camcorder, portable Blu-ray player.

  • Local shopping options: , ; ;

The sentimental type: Custom desk or wall calendar made with family photos, scrapbook filled with favorite photos of you and Dad, a framed family portrait, a custom pen box for the office.

  • Local shopping options: ; ,

The cook: An outdoor gas grill, a monogrammed carving board, BBQ sauces or spices, a personalized apron, a grill cookbook, meat thermometer, non-stick grill pan, ice cream maker, carving knife set, an indoor grill pan.

  • Local shopping options: ; ;

The traveler: A new digital camera to capture his favorite trip memories, a GPS navigation system for the car so he never has to ask for directions again (not that he does anyway), Travelon Worldwide Adapter Plug, travel wine bag, subscription to National Geographic.

  • Local shopping options:  ; ; Radio Shack;

The sports fanatic: Customized magazine cover featuring your dad as the star of a Sports Illustrated (check out http://www.fakemagazines.com/), a padded or heated stadium seat cushion, signed sports memorabilia, iPhone bottle opener case.

  • Local shopping options: ; ;

The gardener: If you have a dad with a green thumb, fill up a medium-size planting pot with a kneeling pad, garden hat, gloves, hand pruners and seed packets for an easy gift basket.

  • Local shopping ideas:  ;

The environmentalist: Rechargeable batteries and a charger, donate money in his name to an environmental cause, herb garden window box, a bicycle, membership to an environmental organization. 

Other ideas: a gardening folding chair, personalized stepping stones, garden stakes, a membership to a Gardener of the Month Club.


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