Rock The Bells and Live Nation: E-40, Too Short Might Perform at Shoreline Amphitheatre in 2013

The co-producers of the two-day hip hop festival say they will work to get the Bay Area rappers on stage, but declined to explain why they didn't perform in 2012.

After the on Saturday morning that it had nothing to do with E-40 and Too Short not performing at Rock The Bells (RTB) in , Patch received the following email comment during the afternoon from Live Nation on behalf of RTB.

"In an effort to bring clarity to the issue of E-40 and Too Short not being on this year's Bay Area Rock The Bells Festival, we are currently in the process of working with Live Nation and the City of Mountain View to allow E-40 and Too Short to be a part of the 10 year anniversary next year," said Chang Weisberg, founder of Rock The Bells.

"E-40 and Too Short have made historic performances at our other festivals. We look forward to working closely with both of these artists and the local community to bring them back," he continued. "Unfortunately, we were unable to get it done this year, but we are excited that the process is underway to have these two Bay Area Legends return to Rock The Bells very soon."

E-40 spoke with Mountain View Patch after the city's statement and he expressed surprise .

"I was going to be out there with some of the old-timers at Rock The Bells, but they [Rock The Bells] told me that the Amphitheatre and the city told them I couldn't do it," E-40 said. The City of Mountain View leases the land where Shoreline Amphitheatre is located to Live Nation, which owns and operates the arena.

The 44-year-old Vallejo-based artist explained that he's performed at other Live Nation venues across the Bay Area including a feature with Bow Wow at the Sleep Train Pavilion at Concord in Oct. 2011, and other shows at the Oakland Coliseum and HP Pavillion.

"In all those cases, they knew I was coming," E-40 said. "Mountain View is the only one," he said about the only venue he hasn't perform at recently.

Patch asked for further clarification as to why Rock The Bells or Live Nation has to work with the city in regards to E-40 performing at 10th Anniversary festival and why the artist was under the impression that city officials had rejected him, in particular, for performing these last few years. Here's the email we received as follow-up:

"We have no further comment than the joint statement made earlier by Chang Weisberg on behalf of Rock The Bells which is co-produced by Guerilla Union and Live Nation," said Live Nation spokesperson Chris Martinez.


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Maria August 26, 2012 at 03:21 AM
It's a relief to know that the City of Mountain View was not the source of his ban from performing. Hope we get to see them both Rock the stage next year!


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