TheatreWorks Moves Offices to Redwood City

The award-winning production company which calls the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts its house moves its home base to Redwood City from Menlo Park.


The local theatre scene just changed, as the award-winning theatre company TheatreWorks moved its headquarters to Redwood City. 

When the company began, TheatreWorks debuted only previously written plays; but with 42 years of experience in show business, the company now performs original works and has grown tremendously as a whole.

Since its founding in 1970, TheatreWorks has launched a prestigious education program as well as reinforced its title as a distinguished theatre company.

The company performs at two venues: the Lucie Stern Theatre in Palo Alto and the in Mountain View. TheatreWorks will continue to perform at these locations after its headquarters moves to Redwood City.

TheatreWorks has been a Menlo Park based company since it opened its doors in 1970. However, nearing the end of a year-to-year lease at the Menlo Park office space, the company sought to find a more permanent home base.

“The new Sobrato Center for Non-profits at Redwood Shores offered us the opportunity to relocate there and we very gratefully accepted,” said Artistic Director Robert Kelley.

The Sobrato Center is also home to the nonprofit "My New Red Shoes." Check out .

TheatreWorks employees said they are excited to move to Redwood City, an already esteemed theatre district.

With the , the Century 21, and the , TheatreWorks will fit right in. While the Dragon production theatre offers intimate performances where the audience can feel like a part of the play, and the Fox Theater offers fun, extravagant performances straight off of Broadway, TheatreWorks offers a myriad of different plays. Performing everything from renovated classics to modern contemporary works, TheatreWorks is a versatile company that explores the many styles of theatrical entertainment.

“We are proud to be part of the very broad range of theatrical experiences available to this exceptional community,” said Kelley.

Redwood City is sure to make a wonderful home for the third largest theater company in the Bay Area.

“Our performances will continue at the same high level of professionalism, aided by new and improved rehearsal halls in Redwood City,” said Kelley. “Our acclaimed Education Programs will soar with the addition of bright new classroom spaces.”

The move to Redwood City will enrich the theatre with new audience members and actors. Redwood City residents are always encouraged to attend a performance, and as more and more audiences are lost to movies and TV shows, live theater continues to inevitably be an exciting choice.  

Films offer a mass market experience larger than but not entirely different from a home TV,” said Kelley. “Theater, on the other hand, is alive, with each performance different from another.” 

So thus we leave you with a question that you can answer after attending a TheatreWorks play at Palo Alto or Mountain View. Which do you prefer: a movie or a play?

 “A loaded question, but easy to answer,” said Kelley. “Would you rather have a phone call or a date? Theatre is a date inevitably filled with promise and surprise.”


Don't miss a thing in Mountain View!

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Ellen Wheeler August 28, 2012 at 02:24 PM
We love Theatreworks! It wasn't clear from the article - will they also be performing some shows at the Fox Theatre in RC?
randy albin August 28, 2012 at 09:05 PM
where is robert kelly? mr.kelly has been looking over the productions of theatreworks for quite a long time. amateur and community theatre is quite a concept in this era of high-cost living and a rotten economy. have people support these endeavors and fine a headquarters that would best suit this company


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