Suave Washes Away the Competition (Sponsored)

Parents enlist the help of Suave for its ability to gently soothe and wash away the remnants of the game. Sponsored by Suave.

Suave washes away the grime after the game. Photo by Getty.
Suave washes away the grime after the game. Photo by Getty.

Written by Kathleen Reilly

It’s said that you should leave it all on the field, but the start of fall sports season reminds us that kids inevitably take some of the game home with them — usually caked into their uniforms and splattered on their shins.  

While coaches assist with developing athletic prowess and kids learn the art of teamwork, it’s up to parents to bat cleanup after the game. If you’re battling chlorine-matted hair from laps in a pool or legs caked in mud from a soccer game played in the rain, Suave offers a fresh start.

And, luckily, the solution doesn’t require endless scrubbing with harsh products. Suave has collaborated with the Smurfs on tear-free, hypoallergenic products specially designed for little ones. Suave’s soothing, gently scented shampoos and body washes are ready to restore the body. For youngsters who might be on the go after a big game, a dash of Cherry Vanilla Bop Mousse or Cool Ocean Blast Styling Gel adds style—and that necessary dose of confidence.

Lessons learned and a fresh start—what more could kids and parents ask for?


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