Designer Hopes to Spark Creativity with Kids Clothes

Children's clothes, with a quirky twist.

Mountain View resident Christine Tang first began her small business in 2010.

Here are five questions and answers with the local business woman on her business and an upcoming vendor fair, SJ Made, which she will be taking part in.

Mountain View Patch: Tell me what your business is (in a nutshell, how would you pitch it to potential customers?)

Christine Tang: Kira is a line of creative and soft comfortable baby and kids wear. The imaginations of kids are endless and with Kira, I want to encourage their creative play with fun quirky designs. Hopefully it will inspire both kids and adults alike!

Patch: How long have you been in business and what made you want to create it?

Tang: Kira was founded in 2010 when I met my first nephews, Ethan and Evan. With the boys as my muses, I was excited to create a line of kids wear that matched their witty and charming personalities. Kira also gave me an outlet to express my own creativity and build something that hopefully brings inspiration and smiles to others.

Patch: Why did you decide on being part of SJ MADE?

Tang: I love being apart of local events, such as SJ Made, where small businesses have the platform to showcase their works in a well curated way. Whether it be food, jewelry, art, photography or apparel, there is always an organic creative vibe among the vendors that is truly inspiring. You are alongside people that love what they do!

Patch: What are some of the challenges of being a small business owner?

Tang: The challenge for me is wearing all the hats in my business. I was drawn into this business because of my love for creating and design, but with it came the essentials of accounting, sales and logistics. It has been a learning experience and it is all part of the excitement and adrenaline that keeps me going each day. It definitely helps to surround yourself with supportive people and take chances on the right opportunities.

Patch: Why is it important for the greater community to support small businesses, such as yourself, at events like SJ MADE?

Tang: Communities are the reason events like SJ Made are possible. It is an invaluable experience when shoppers and designers/artists are able to connect with each other. With the consumption of mass products from around the world today, how often do you get a chance to actually meet the person who created the product in your hand?!  You are experiencing this all while supporting your local economy and putting money back into your community! Most importantly, you will be able to discover unique talent and designs and at the same time have FUN! So spread the word!

website: www.kirakids.com
connect: facebook twitter blog pinterest

Kira is joining more than 50 vendors from all around Silicon Valley and six food trucks at SJ MADE. The event takes place April 21, from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at 151 W. Santa Clara Street (previously Spiedo Ristorante) and 87 N. San Pedro Street (San Pedro Square Market).

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