European Wax Center Wants to Keep You Hair Free

Need help with those hard to control eyebrows? Maybe some beeswax could help.


Who would have thought people had that much unwanted body hair?

Two months after the opened in El Monte Plaza, it's as busy as ever, according to franchisee and partner Tracey O'Neil.

"It's a pretty busy shopping center," she said about the foot traffic.

Open seven days a week, the center has six private rooms where the friendly and licensed aestheticians can remove hair from both women and men. The center uses a special beeswax that when applied begins to harden. It's then pulled off the common areas of face, legs, arms, chest and back (for men) and bikini (for women).

And for first-time customers, the first wax is free! (Limited to certain body areas).

Another interesting offer—customers can purchase yearly unlimited waxing on most areas (legs excluded). If waxing is your thing, this deal doesn't hurt the pocketbook as much as paying for individual services.

If you visit and try their services, don't forget to on Mountain View Patch!


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