Google Grows, Beats Expectations

AdSense, Google+ and Motorola deal keeps Mountain View company in continued and steady growth.

has done it again. Today the Mountain View-based company surpassed Wall Street's expectations and reported third quarter revenues of $9.72 billion from $7.29 billion in 2010, a 33 percent increase year over year.

Earning per shares came in at $9.72 blowing past analyst forecasts of $8.77.

According to Google, 69 percent of its total revenue–or $6.74 billion–for the quarter stemmed from its own sites and while another 27 percent–$2.6 billion– came from partner AdSense programs.

To the surprise of many Google+ held its own and has not cooled off, noted the Washington Post.

"We had a great quarter,” said , chief executive officer of Google. "Google+ is now open to everyone and we just passed the 40 million user mark. People are flocking into Google+ at an incredible rate and we are just getting started!"

Of note, $5.3 billion of Google's total third quarter revenue came from its international operations.

To be sure, Google's expenses have also increased. The global company has added 34 percent more employees to 31,353 fulltime employees, according the San Jose Mercury News. The accounts for part of this.

Google's sunny forecast bodes well for job opportunities in Mountain View. Currently on the company's website lists 383 jobs.

Also, to accommodate its growing workforce and project, for $30 million dollars, 9.4 acres of city land for development. There, the company plans to build not only its first structure in Mountain View, but its will be the company's greenest.

The company continues to build its relationship with NASA with the Space X programs and wants to to connect the Googleplex to NASA Ames.

The has also benefitted recently with a and from Google.

According to John Igoe, director of real estate at Google, who participated in a , the "rich life activities in Mountain View is a reason why Google employees like to live here, work here."

He believes that a company's job is to enhance the community where they are located.

"That's the responsibility of corporations. Everything you do you got to look at it that way. It's completely selfish," he said. "If you enhance the environment for your employees its a win-win for the corporation and community."


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