Google to Sponsor Leadership Mountain View for $10,000

Sponsorship for 2011-12 will be largest ever received by LMV.

has committed $10,000 to sponsor Leadership Mountain View, a program of the Chamber of Commerce Mountain View, chamber officials announced last week.

The sponsorship is the largest ever received by LMV, according to program director Alicia Crank.

With the $10,000, LMV–a nine month program where between 22 to 26 selected participants develop leadership skills and learn about the local community–can offer one scholarship for the new session that begins on Sept. 16, 2011.

"In years past we've had smaller class sizes because of the economy," said Alicia Crank, director of LMV, "which is why this sponsorship is significant because it will allow us to bring more people into the class who would usually not be able to afford it."

According to Crank, the program fees for one student is $1,750.

Google's $10,000 sponsorship would also cover three Google employees who will participate in the LMV, company branding in program materials, speaking opportunities and the opportunity to host "Diversity Day 2012" on the Google campus.

“We're pleased to support Leadership Mountain View in their mission to develop and connect leaders in our community," said Dan Hoffman, director of Real Estate and Workplace Services at Google.

Founded in 1990, LMV has had over 420 community members participate in the program, which have included local business leaders, non-profit executives and government officials at the local and state level.


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