Hunger Games Fashion a Hit on Polyvore

Three winners beat the odds with their fashion sets based on the weekend's blockbuster movie.

The Hunger Games has become the third-highest grossing movie on its opening day weekend reaping in $155 million in ticket sales.

And just as dramatic as the movie and it's blockbuster performance at the box office is the fashion of the characters of The Capitol of Panem, the fictitious futuristic city where the "haves" live and where the "have not" tributes come to die.

Mountain View-based Polyvore, an online fashion community site, challenged its users to create looks for the characters in the movie using clothes from their favorite designers and from around the web.

A total of 4,210 entries from 2,763 members were uploaded and three style sets came out on top. Enjoy!

Claudia Cruz (Editor) March 26, 2012 at 10:59 PM
Call me boring, but I loved the training outfits. There's something about catsuits that scream action hero to me.


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