Quora Snags Office in Mountain View, Will Leave Palo Alto

Citing need for company to grow, the question and answer site finds a home on Castro Street.

Mountain View may have , but it won Quora from Palo Alto.

According to TechCrunch, Quora will move to 650 Castro St., the same building as Mozilla Foundation.

The office space swap will happen, according to Quora Co-Founder Adam D'Angelo because:

We're running out of space in our current office, so we've been looking for more space for a while now. Because the downtown Palo Alto market is so hot, there is no available office space big enough for us nearby. We can also afford a longer-term lease now that we've raised our series B.

Those factors prompted us to look at other downtown areas around Silicon Valley. Ideally, we were looking for a space that was walking distance from a Caltrain stop, in an area with restaurants and other downtown amenities. We were lucky to find a space that meets our needs on Castro Street in downtown Mountain View. It's not too far from our current location and it will give us space to grow to four times our current size of 40 employees.

He replied on the company's site.

When asked when Quora would move, Co-Founder Charlie Cheever replied "Nothing nailed down yet but probably some time in the Oct-Dec range (of this year)."

Quora is a question answer site organized by interest where users can write new content and share content from the web.


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