Startup Stars: Q&A with Polyvore's Jonathan Trevor

The senior software engineer chats with Patch about Polyvore's office atmosphere.

Our new Startup Star profiles explore the playful side of new venture companies—and their people—in Mountain View. Each week, we’ll highlight someone from a Mountain View startup and give you some fun facts about them.

Jonathan Trevor is a senior software engineer at Polyvore, a 3-year-old startup that allows visitors to visualize outfits by mixing and matching clothes from various online sources to form "sets" on a virtual canvas. The site, which features women's clothes and accessories, gets 6.5 million unique visitors a month and is run by a team of 25.

Mountain View Patch: What has been your favorite company outing?

Jonathan Trevor: We did a chocolate crawl around Palo Alto so we went to various different places ... it was sort of like a pub crawl, but with chocolate, instead.

Patch: What's the longest you’ve spent coding or working on something in the office?

Trevor: I think I probably did 14 or 15 hours.

Patch: iPhone, Android, Blackberry?

Trevor: iPhone

Patch: Favorite iPhone app?

Trevor: Order and Chaos

Patch: Do you use a tablet, like the iPad?

Trevor: Yeah, I have an iPad 2, and I have an iPad 1 as well.

Patch: Is Order and Chaos your favorite app on those, too?

Trevor: [Laughs] That's pretty popular; I do kind of like Monopoly, though. 

Patch: When do you find time to play Monopoly?

Trevor: Not very often. When I get home, I have a couple of children, and then I put them to bed and then normally have an hour or two of spare time. So that's when I sort of chill out more and play some computer games. I used to play a lot more, but far less now.

Patch: Do you have a vending machine or fridge in the office?

Trevor: We have a kitchen in the corner, and that’s fully stocked with snacks and goodies for people to eat throughout the day when they want to.

Patch: What games are played in the office?

Trevor: We have a ping pong table, though we're growing a little bit, so there's not much room for that anymore. We'll be moving soon to a bigger office and hope that it can come out a bit more often than it does now. We actually just had a happy hour—at the end of some of the days, we'll have food and wine and play games like Pictionary ... and Star Wars and Trivial Pursuit. It's kind of fun at the end of the day to have quite a few people just sort of sit back and talk, and play a few board games and things like that

Patch: On a scale of one to 10—10 being the best experience—how would you rate your experience at Polyvore?

Trevor: It's definitely a 10. I used to come from Yahoo, where I had a great job ... but you kind of feel the impact you're having on the company is very difficult to measure; whereby, at Polyvore, everything you do you feel makes a difference—a sort of a direct line to the way things work and the success of the company. So it's much more rewarding.

Patch: Does it make a difference being the eldest person on the team?

Trevor: No, not at all. I think I've done a few more things, but I think everybody at Polyvore is very smart, and smart people matter more than anyone's age.


Hometown: Louth, Lincolnshire, UK

Age: 40

Time at Polyvore: 1.5 years


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