Memorial to Jobs Grows at Apple Store

People from across the Bay Area stop by to pay their respects to computer industry visionary.

A makeshift memorial for Steve Jobs slowly grew from a few signs, to flowers, to candles as time passed tonight outside of the on Palo Alto's University Avenue.

Some people didn't know that at the age of 56, losing his long battle with a rare form of pancreatic cancer. Others knew and drove just to be there.

"I found out through a social networking site," said Guiver Sanchez, 20, who drove from Fremont to store just for the occasion. "It's not everyday that an innovator passes."

His friend Paula Gomez, 19 from Newark, added, "we wanted to show our respects." Both use Apple products and snapped pictures of the memorial on an iPhone 4.

Palo Alto resident Leonardo Richmoller, 45, and a father of five also came over to take photos of the memorial. He shared that he uses a lot of Apple products.

"We are all moved by the death of Steve Jobs," said Richmoller. "He leaves not only a commercial legacy, but also a philosophy on life that revolves around his products."

Richmoller acknowledged however his concern for the company because Jobs was so tied to Apple.

"I'm not sure if the company will be the same without Steve Jobs," he said.

Visitors from Spain–but currently in Menlo Park–Felipe Criado and his 14-year-old daughter Laura hadn't learned about Jobs death until they came to the store.

"We didn't know anything," Criado said. "But it doesn't surprise me."

Jobs resigned as Apple's ceo in August. Yesterday, the company announced a new generation to the iPhone at their Cupertino headquarters.

His will no doubt be remembered, particularly because after a fall in Apple's influence in the 1990s, Jobs helped bring the company back. The impact can be seen in a new generation of computer users.

"I don't know how to use another phone," said Laura. "When I borrow a friend's phone, I don't know what to do."

From his restaurant across the street, Satish Sandadi, looked on at the small crowd gathered outside the Apple store. He expected to see more people, he shared.

"I knew that he couldn't do the day-to-day operations," said the owner of . "But Apple is one of the biggest company's in the world. He can claim that fact—that he lead one of the world's biggest companies."


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