The Viewfinder: Mountain View in Shades of Red

The city has many hidden treasures if you know what you seek.

Springtime is upon us and there is no reason to stay indoors. But if you venture outdoor, what will you uncover?

For this week's Viewfinder Mountain View Patch decided to stroll through the Wagon Wheel neighborhood and focus on the color red. Yes, red. How often do you notice it around town and on what?

L.A. Chung April 17, 2011 at 03:59 AM
I love the themes that ViewFinder features. Keep going!
Claudia Cruz (Editor) April 17, 2011 at 05:05 AM
Thanks! I am definitely going to do a color series. It's like Picasso's blue phase ... Art is everywhere, it's the perspective that has to change. My favorite is still "A Doorway into Mountain View," http://patch.com/A-fvH8. I'm sure Los Altos has great doorways!


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