Vector Control: No Further Plans for Area Fogging

Fogging was done late Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning.


The Santa Clara County Vector Control District today announced it has no further plans to fog for mosquitoes in the Mountain View and Los Altos areas.

According to the District, fogging operations Tuesday night of approximately 2500 acres in the cities of Mountain View and Los Altos resulted in an 80 percent reduction of mosquitoes in the area sprayed with the insecticide Zenivex compared to untreated areas nearby.

The District announced all mosquitoes from post-fogging traps tested negative for West Nile virus.

A dead bird found on Grant Road near El Camino Hospital - infected by a mosquito carrying West Nile virus - prompted four crews from the Santa Clara County Vector Control District Tuesday night to fog a large of area of Mountain View and portions of Los Altos, an operation that extended into the early hours of Wednesday morning.

A map of the actual area fogged Tuesday evening can be found here.

Portions of Mountain View and Los Altos have seen an increase in mosquito activity lately, and West Nile virus was found in some adult mosquitoes less than a mile away, near the intersection of Cuesta Drive and Miramonte Road, according to Santa Clara County Vector Control District spokesman Bob Kaufman.

"We had the nice 90 degree weather for awhile," says Kaufman, "and that kind of cooks things a little bit, and makes the mosquitos more active."

The Vector Control District reminds everyone to be vigilant and on the lookout for mosquitoes, and says if you are know of a potential mosquito-breeding source, to contact them by calling (408) 918-4770.

Nelly potter September 07, 2012 at 04:31 PM
ZENIVEX insecticide. Can Someone Post a LARGE print of its Ingredients, Warnings, Effects, etc, etc.


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