Poll: Your Favorite Toy Ever?

'Tis the season that toys are on everyone's minds, as kids write letters to Santa and parents tussle over the hottest items. Take our poll on your favorite all-time toy and add your love in the comments!

There is a great blog making its way around Facebook these days - even though it was originally posted almost a year ago.

We think it is seeing a resurgence because this is the time of year that toys are in the spotlight.

For author Jonathan Liu, the Five Best Toys Of All Time are found right under our noses - and they are cheap too.

Meanwhile, over at Amazon, you can track the most popular toys in the world right now on its Best Sellers in Toys and Games Page. Number one on the list gives us great hope for the future.

In Mountain View, there are still many options available at the local big-box retailers like , and , but also special one-of-a-kind gifts at , , , and . Most importantly too, Christmas is not about spending lots, so do remember that toys can also be purchased at .

According to the National Retail Federation, this year's top toys include Barbie, video games, Legos and, wait for it, iPads.

Of course all of this got us to thinking - what was our favorite toy when we were kids? Take our poll, and please, add your thoughts to the comments. There is nothing better than a walk down memory lane!


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