65 Leftover Turkey Ideas

Theresa Burden
Theresa Burden




The unimaginable thought of turkey leftovers may cross your mind.  Turkey, turkey everywhere.  What is there to do?  For one, you can place the leftover turkey in the freezer for a later date.  When the feeling of creativity in the kitchen inspires you to transform those turkey leftovers, consider enjoying one of the following options:

1.       Monte Cristo Sandwiches

2.      Turkey Topped Greek Salad

3.      Cream of Turkey Mushroom Soup

4.      Ginger-Soy Turkey

5.      Turkey Club Sandwiches

6.      Turkey Orzo Soup

7.      Turkey Pot Pie

8.      Turkey Broccoli Alfredo

9.      Turkey & Cheese Quesadillas

10.  Turkey Vegetable Lo Mein

11.  Turkey Beet Borscht

12.  Penne Turkey Pesto

13.  Turkey Noodle Soup

14.  Creamy Turkey Broccoli Casserole

15.  Vegetable Turkey Lasagna

16.  Pea-Turkey Risotto

17.  Turkey Millet & Mushroom

18.  Creamy Lemon Pasta with Turkey

19.  Turkey Tortilla Soup

20.  Turkey Quiche

21.  Turkey Salad Sandwiches

22.  Turkey Vegetable Stir Fry

23.  Turkey Tetrazzini

24.  Turkey A La King

25.  Cheddar Turkey Casserole

26.  Turkey Focaccia

27.  Turkey Stroganoff

28.  White Bean Turkey Chili

29.  Turkey BLT

30.  Turkey Mac & Cheese

31.  Turkey Avocado Wrap

32.  Turkey Minestrone

33.  Turkey Bacon Pizza

34.  Red Bean Turkey Chili

35.  Turkey Tacos

36.  Turkey Parmesan

37.  Turkey Marsala

38.  Turkey Cobb Salad

39.  Curry Turkey & Rice

40.  Turkey Walnut Arugula Salad

41.  Breaded Turkey Cutlets

42.  Turkey Stuffed Peppers

43.  Turkey Split Pea Soup

44.  Pulled BBQ Turkey Sandwiches

45.  BBQ Turkey Potato Skins

46.  Turkey Taco Salad

47.  Turkey Swiss Crepes

48.  Jerk Turkey Chili

49.  Turkey Gumbo

50.  Turkey Waldorf Salad

51.  Turkey Hash Patties

52.  Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

53.  Crispy Turkey Enchiladas

54.  Turkey Corn Chowder

55.  Curried Turkey Salad

56.  Turkey Mulligatawny Soup

57.  Buffalo Turkey Sandwich

58.  Turkey Spinach Phyllo Bake

59.  Turkey Tomato Bruschetta

60.  Turkey Wild Rice Casserole

61.  Spinach Artichoke Turkey Biscuit

62.  Turkey Quinoa Bowl

63.  Southwest Turkey Corn Salad

64.  Buffalo Turkey Pizza

65.  Turkey Calzone


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