OPINION: A Letter to the Community From the PTAs

Concerned that the Los Altos School District could close a school to provide a campus for Bullis Charter School, ten Los Altos School District PTAs and the Los Altos Education Foundation met Friday and agreed to work together against any closings.

Mountain VIew Patch prints letters not directly addressed to the Editor as free-standing opinion pieces. This letter was submitted following the Friday, Mar. 17 meeting of ten PTAs and the Los Altos Education Foundation concerning the resolution of facilities needs of the Bullis Charter School. Due to school district boundaries, Mountain View children attend  Almond, Springer, Covington and Santa Rita schools even though these are located in Los Altos.

Los Altos School District Families and Community Members,

As Los Altos School District PTA Presidents, we are charged with determining the best methods for serving our schools. Much of the activities and programs, maintaining and improving site facilities, and upgrading and advancing technology. But there is also the need to at the bigger picture and act together to support the community as a whole.

In light of the continuing situation with Bullis Charter School (BCS) and the Los Altos School District (LASD), we feel compelled to write to our memberships and school communities to assure you that we stand in solidarity as a district. We do not believe that a charter school should cause any of our high performing district schools to be relocated or closed. We are united in our commitment to support equal access to quality education for all of our students.

The Los Altos School District enjoys a truly exceptional community that values and supports public school education. A hallmark of the district is the equal treatment of all students. Each district school receives the same per-pupil funding from state, city, and local sources. Our educational foundation—Los Altos Educational Foundation (LAEF)—distributes its funds equally throughout the district in the best interest of all K-8 students. Even school PTAs contribute significant funds to the district on a per-pupil basis in lockstep with one another, so that all students attending schools throughout the district have equal access to the same high quality education.

Our schools continue to be successful because of the top-rated programs and curriculum, experienced and talented teachers, and communities. The PTAs and LAEF are committed to working together preserve and protect these qualities that define LASD, and we are committed to working together to preserve and protect all of our district schools. We ask that you work with your PTA leaders to together as a district to prevent the closure of any LASD school.

Our entire district will be impacted by any long-term site solution for Bullis Charter School. As such, the PTAs and LAEF are committed to working together to assist with any changes associated with the outcome of negotiations, mediation, or court rulings. It is imperative to work together for the good of the entire district and the Los Altos community as a whole.

As the events unfold, the PTAs will update the community on action items relevant to this situation. Thank you all for your continued support of the Los Altos School District PTAs and LAEF.




Kristan Erickson and Tanya Maluf, Co-Presidents, Almond PTA

Elizabeth Maciag and Cheryl Bystrom, Co-Presidents, Blach PTA

Chad Starkey and Sumaira Nabeel, Co-Presidents, Covington PTA

Kimberly Gavenman and Linda Baxley, Co-Presidents, Egan PTA

Wendy Grant and Nikki Selden, Co-President, Gardner Bullis PTA

Sheila McGovern, President, and Isabel Damian, EVP, Individualized Education PTA

Audrey Crowley, President, and Jacqueline Jeffries, EVP, Loyola PTA

Robert Dinneen, President, Oak PTA, Tara Williamson, EVP Oak PTA

Michelle Sturiale and Molly Black, Co-Presidents, Santa Rita PTA

Kelly Toshach and Brooke Schiller, Co-Presidents, Springer PTA

Kristine Bardman and Joe Seither, Co-Presidents, Los Altos Educational Foundation


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