Health Care for Baby Boomers at El Camino Hospital

A new facility at El Camino Hospital offers coordinated care for aging community members.

With a projected opening date of Feb. 13, ’s new Senior Center will focus on the care of senior baby boomers.

"Our society is in a transition from baby boomers to senior baby boomers," said Patrick Kearns, MD. "More than 10,000 of us are crossing the threshold daily."

With a constant increase in the aging population most seniors suffer from three chronic health conditions.

"Too many of our health care resources are consumed by chronic conditions," he said. "Our community needs a way to deal with this."

With the opening of the new senior center, El Camino Hospital hopes to provide a cure for both the hospital and the senior patient whose Medicare status often does not ensure adequate medical care.

The center is based on the "Medical Home Model," a highly coordinated, electronically connected, multidisciplinary, patient-centered approach to the provision of care.

"Coordination of care alone, which we are not accomplishing very well in our traditional models of care, will result in better care for the patient as well as fewer readmissions to the hospital or trips to the emergency department," Kearns said, who serves as medical director at the health center.

How it works:

  • Patients will visit the center.
  • Patients will be assessed.
  • Patients will get established with their own primary care physicians.
  • Patients will be provided care and care coordination.
  • Patients will be given the opportunity to take a more active and responsible role in their own health care management.
  • Patient’s care will typically be covered by Medicare part B.
  • Patients can seek advice from financial counselors that will be available to discuss financial arrangements.

In addition, other care providers at the center will be an RN clinical coordinator, geriatric caseworker, social worker, nutritionist, pharmacist and other clinical team members. Classes and support groups also will be available. 

"The coordination of care cannot stop at the center," Kearns said. "To work, the medical home model requires the involvement of other resources in the community. Providers at the center will be connected with the many types of care units in the community, from skilled nursing facilities to health agencies, to allow the patient access to a variety of resources. It will truly be one-stop shopping."

Future patients are assured that El Camino Hospital will provide a win-win solution for both the hospital and the senior patient whose Medicare status often does not ensure adequate medical care.

For more information, go the new Senior Health Center located at 2660 Grant Rd. in Mountain View.

randy albin January 31, 2012 at 11:25 PM
not only would this mean caring for baby-boomers, but how about providing affordable health insurance plans too?


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