30 Felony Domestic Violence Arrests in MV So Far in 2012

The Mountain View Police Department considers the figure small for the size of the city, but the Community Health Awareness Council notes an increase.

This past July, a Officer saw a man push a woman on the shoulders, which caused her to become off balance and step backwards on the sidewalk. The officer arrested the 24-year-old man for misdemeanor domestic violence.

In another incident, a husband—and the potential victim—would not cooperate with the police, according to MVPD spokeswoman Liz Wylie. "No one was injured, except for some scratches," Wylie said.

In the first six months of 2012, the MVPD arrested 30 people for felonious domestic violence, according to statistics received by Mountain View Patch. Misdemeanor domestic violence arrests totaled 28.

"Thirty is not a lot for a city of our size and diversity," Wylie said.

However at the , a local non-profit that provides counseling services to families in Mountain View and Los Altos primarily, they've noticed that in recent years more people have been victimized. Executive Director felt 30 felony arrests was a lot and puts part of the blames on the economy.

"Since the stress of society, especially in these economic times, we've seen an increase in domestive violence in the area," said Kane, "and it goes across all socio-economic groups."

The Santa Clara County District Attorney's office noted on its website that six people died in 2006 as a result of domestic violence. They added that women in the U.S. experience more danger in their own homes than on the streets. Also, in about five to 10 percent of domestic violence cases men are the victims and women the aggressors.

CHAC services the cities of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills and Mountain View. About 85 percent are Mountain View residents. Kane told Patch that a new domestic violence non-profit has started in Los Altos to address the issue there.

Kane also explained that domestic violence has many adverse effects because the violence is not only physical, but there's an emotional control that can cause lower self-esteem. It creates the conditions where an individual can lose themselves, she explained. Women without their own careers are particulalry vulnerable, she shared, and find it harder to get out.

The children of the victim can also be affected. In the cases when violence is in the home, "children really suffer in homes when there is a abuse," Kane said. She used an example of a scared 12-year-old whose father would yell at her and the child fears what happens when the yelling escalates.

That's a similar reason for why even being pushed can be considered violence. The action could be the beginning of something worse, Kane suggested and the victim may realize this.

"When you are dealing with someone with rage," she said., "You never know how far they will go."

Kane reminded that no one "has the right to abuse" you. "What happens if the the victims is pushed against a wall?"

"Part of the fear is knowing that the fear will grow," she said.

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John Kaiser August 02, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Sounds like my ex wife who stabbed me in the back still lives in Mtn.View.


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