Burglaries Up in City 36 Percent from 2012

Police Department acknowledges increase but says numbers skewed.

The city's 2012 burglary statistics prove one thing—it's important to enjoy the good things while they last.

The informs that this March they received 12 reports of burglaries, for a year-to-date total of 43 for both residential and commercial properties. That's a 36 percent increase for the same period of time in 2011, according to Spokeswoman Liz Wylie.

However, Wylie stressed that there didn't appear to be a pattern and that percentage would actually be smaller if in February 2011 the numbers hadn't been "abnormally low."

"It’s misleading if you look at the straight numbers," Wylie said.

Wylie explained that in February 2011, three homes were burglarized compared to eight in 2012.

"That’s about a 167 percent increase which really throws the numbers off for the year-to-date totals," she said. "At this point, we can’t say we are seeing a trend in burglaries going up."

Year-to-year, through the end of March the numbers also show the same jump with 31 homes burglarized compared through the end of March 2011 with 23 homes burglarized.

In 2011, the crime figures for the city of Mountian View reflected —even lower than in 2010.


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