UPDATE: Water Restored to 36 Homes After Pipe Bursts

The pipe at 400-A Ortega Avenue released gallons of steamy hot water.

Updated with information from building management.

Gallons of hot water leaked down walls, ceilings, floors and into the garage of 400-A Ortega Ave. after a bathroom water pipe burst early Sunday morning.

To control the water and prevent further structural damage, the turned off the water main at around 2 a.m., which left 36 units without water.

However, within the hour the water supply was restored and a restoration company began to dry out the walls, said building management spokesman Luis Heredia about the property.

The broken pipe, located in the bathroom of a corner unit on the third floor, caused water to drain into the units below it. The hot water could be felt inside the hallway walls on the second floor as it flowed down; the overflow created puddles in the first floor hallway and underground garage.

A firefighter pointed out that the drywall on the first floor ceiling was beginning to buckle from the water.

The father of the family on the second floor unit told Patch in the morning that while water had been retored, it wasn't back to its normal pressure. He added that their bathroom ceiling had water stains. Cleaning supplies could be seen by doorway.

The water main was shut off to decrease the water pressure. Simultaneously firefighters pumped water out of the third floor unit balcony with a machine.

According to a firefighter, the pipe may have burst hours before anyone noticed.


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