Holiday Grinches May Be Targeting Your Packages

Mtn. View police offer tips for prevention and what to do if your deliveries are stolen.

CSO Hardie fields calls about recent package thefts. (Courtesy of the Mountain View Police Department.
CSO Hardie fields calls about recent package thefts. (Courtesy of the Mountain View Police Department.

Information from the Mountain View Police Department:

It’s that time again. There are a people running around Mountain View trying to ruin the holidays by stealing your packages! Help us catch these Holiday Grinches by taking a few precautions when you ship a package to either yourself or someone else.


  • These Grinches operate during the day not just under the cover of the night
  • They tend to follow delivery vehicles
  • Sometimes they work in pairs (one drives, the other is the runner)
  • It doesn’t matter where you live Holiday Grinches know no boundaries


  • Require a signature upon delivery
  • Sign-up for delivery updates on-line by tracking the location of your packages
  • Have your packages delivered to a trusted neighbor
  • Arrange for the package to be shipped to a location, like your workplace, trusted neighbor, friend or similar
  • If you use a local package business, ask if your packages can be sent there
  • Have the delivery company hold your package so you can pick it up at their local facility


  • It never hurts to report stolen packages, which you can do easily on-line
  • Report the stolen package to the correct shipping company:

    • Holiday Grinches may travel in pairs or packs, but you live in a neighborhood with more eyes and ears. Talk to your neighbors about keeping an eye out for unusual activity.
    • “See something, say something.” Report any suspicious activity right away by calling our non-emergency number at 650-903-6395.
    • If you have the ability to take a photo or quick video, this will also help us to better identify possible suspects. You can send these to us at police@mountainview.goe and reference your case number if you have one.
    • Write down descriptions of suspicious individuals and/or vehicles, like clothing, vehicle make and model, as well as license plate.
    • You can send us an anonymous text at 274637. Be sure to include “mvtips” in the body of your message.

  • Community Services Officer Hardie handles inquiries, like package thefts, that are reported on-line. CSO Hardie began her career in October of 2008. When she’s isn’t taking calls and reports, CSO Hardie spends her time camping, bow hunting, riding her bicycle and spending time with her family.
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