Police Release Sketch of Wanted Burglar

Alleged burglar may have been involved along with three other suspects in Dec. 8 incident in Castro City neighborhood.

Law enforcement officials released today the sketch of an alleged residential burglar connected to a Dec. 8 incident.

The incident occured on the 500 block of Mariposa Avenue shortly before 3:41 p.m. and involved up to four alleged suspects of which one drove the getaway car—a light blue four-door sedan.

According to Mountain View Police Department Spokeswoman Liz Wylie the suspect was "clearly seen by the male victim." An iPod nano worth $50 and iBeat earbuds, value unknown, were stolen.

Wylie informed that the victims, a 15-year-old male and his 38-year-old mother, did not see the driver. However, they described the other three males as late teenagers, two Hispanics and one white. Of the Hispanics, one was heavyset and wore a black sweatshirt and blue jeans. The others were average height and weight. The white male wore a red baseball cap.

That afternoon, the teen and his mother had just returned home from school. The mother acknowledged that she had left the front and rear doors unlocked when she left to pick up her son because it was a short trip. But when they arrived, a gate on their side yard had been opened.

The mother remained on the porch and the son closed the gate and went inside the house. According to Wylie, once inside the son found a suspect who ran through the house and out a rear door. The son followed and saw the suspect run down the side yard and hop over the now closed gate.

At the time a second suspect stood in the side yard and as the son approached him, he also demanded that he leave. The second suspect then opened the gate and ran out.

From outside on the porch, the mother saw three suspects but couldn't see well enough toward the gate. According to Wylie, the mother said she saw three suspects get into a parked car, which had someone inside in the driver's seat. The car took off westbound on Latham Avenue.

The MVPD seeks the public's help and ask that anyone with information contact them at 650-903-6395. Callers may be anonymous.


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