Two Arrested for Burglary at REI

Out-of-town females allegedly caught with $190 worth of merchandise.

Two women entered the REI store on Monday and allegedly walked off with stolen items, police reported Thursday.

According to the Mountain View Police Department, the Washington state suspects—Ashley Bissett, 21, and Savannah Larson 19—entered the store on Oct. 29 around 1:20 p.m. and carried a large black bag. The incident was reported at 1:40 p.m.

An employee allegedly saw the women exit the bathroom with a bag full of stuff that had tags still sticking out, said spokesman Sgt. Sean Thompson. The suspects then walked past the cash register and out of the store.

Another employee followed outside, confronted Bissett and asked, "Do you want to pay for these items?" Bissett allegedly then threw a pair of shoes on the ground and walked away toward the PetSmart. Police detained her inside of the building of Loral Space Systems.

Police located the other suspect, Larson, inside her vehicle in a parking spot near the front of the store.

The items recovered included hiking boots and several pairs of socks worth $190.

The suspects have been arrested and booked on charges of burglary and conspiracy.


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