LIVE BLOG: Bullis Contract Discussion Wednesday Evening

Follow the discussion as the Santa Clara County Board of Education begins a 30-day period of public commentary on the contract with the Bullis Charter School.


Editor's Note: Los Altos Patch will live blog Wednesday evening's meeting. On Twitter, you may use hashtag #SCCOE.

After months of negotiations, the proposed contract between the Bullis Charter School (BCS) and the Santa Clara County Office of Education is available for public review and comment.

In the language of the county Board of Education, it is "sunshining" the document for 30 days before voting on it June 6. 

The contract covers the five-year charter renewal period that was approved Oct. 5 by the Board of Education, and includes five areas of concern identified at that time, and subsequently.

The Santa Clara County Board of Education's agenda contains three discussion areas related to the charter school, and more than 200 pieces of correspondence. The Board will discuss of the contract and other issues related to the charter school Wednesday night. 

The five areas include: the charter school's board composition and selection, outreach/outreach and enrollment, attendance area preference, fees as a deterrence to participation in a free public education, and the cessation of lawsuits and the improvement of relations with the Los Altos School District. 

Elements have been discussed by the board in previous meetings. At its April 18 meeting the board discussed as it is provided in the charter but has never been done.

The board will have two other, related discussions concerning Los Altos.

  • County Board Representative on the BCS board. SCCOE staff has requested direction from the board on how to proceed with recruitment, selection criteria and critical date. 
  • Los Altos Forum. The county board of education has been in extended discussion about holding a forum or public meeting in Los Altos, since it was requested by community members in January. Dick Henning, known for the Celebrity Forum Speaker Series at Foothill College, was identified as the facilitator. For a time it looked as if the meeting might take place in April, but now it has been pushed to either a date in May, or all the way in the fall, since a meeting during the summer break might limit the ability for some families to participate.


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