Effective Tuesday Be Careful Where You Smoke

The City of Mountain View's smoking ban goes into effect in outdoor dining areas, picnic park areas and within 25-feet of any smoke-free area.

goes into effective citywide on Tuesday, May 15.

The law bans smoking in outdoor dining areas—like patios and sidewalk cafes of any food or beverage establishment anywhere in the city—and picnic areas of city parks. It also prohibits smoking within 25 feet of any operable door, window, vent or crack to any enclosed or unenclosed smoke-free area.

The distance requirement does not apply to individuals walking past on their way to another destination, nor to unenclosed areas of private residential properties.

Businesses must display smoke-free window decals and educate its customers. A violation of the new City Codes 21.47, 21.49 and 21.49.5 by an individual breaking the law would result in a citation of $50 for a first time offense, which would increase thereafter with each new offense. A business that disregards the law could received a $100 citation, which would also increase with each additional offense.

Police volunteers will conduct outreach to businesses and give out educational materials and free window decals within the next several weeks. Decals will also be made available for free at the and at the city's Finance Department on the second floor of .

According to the city, the ordinance aims to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke in the community.

The ban passed City Council with a narrow vote of 4 to 3. Councilmembers John Inks, Laura Macias and Tom Means dissented.


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Maldita May 14, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Very Good!! one of the reason why I want to leave in Mt. View,, but the thing is the apartments rent are way toooo HIGH!!! and it always says close to Google, close to this close to that,,,which is like do I WORK THERE?
Maldita May 14, 2012 at 10:44 PM
Claudia Cruz (Editor) May 14, 2012 at 11:23 PM
There are many good reasons to live in Mountain View and yes, some agree with this stricter smoking ban. There are some residents, a few, but some did like the ability to smoke in some places like Molly MaGees. But there's no question that first- or second-hand smoke is bad.


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