Heads Up for VTA Riders: 2 Sunnyvale Stations Closing for 9 Days

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority will close two light rail stations in Sunnyvale for nine days starting today to add extra track for future ridership increases, VTA official said.

The Reamwood and Vienna light rail train stations and tracks in Sunnyvale will remain closed until June 9 to give work crews extended hours to complete a "pocket" track to hold three 3-car trains to be deployed to meet heavy rider demands, the VTA said.

If the trains were permitted to run during construction, the crews would have to work on weekends, delaying the completion date, according to the VTA.

The transit agency will need the extra trains, to be kept "in the pocket" on the new track, for passenger increases when the planned Levi's Stadium opens in Santa Clara this summer and VTA's planned extension of the BART system to East San Jose debuts in 2017.

Passengers who use the Reamwood and Vienna train stations will be served by VTA buses used in place of trains there.

Train riders may get off at Fair Oaks or Old Ironsides stations and then board buses that will drive to the closed stations in Sunnyvale.
--Bay City News


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