How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree in Mountain View

The free collection begins Dec. 26 and lasts for two week.

Now that the gifts have been wrapped, it's time to figure out what to do with the tree.

The City of Mountain View informs residents that its annual tree recycling program began on Wednesday, Dec. 26 and run through Jan. 18, at no charge to homes that use cart service. Discarded trees are put through the wood chipper and recycled into mulch.

Recology experts explain that Christmas trees should be completely undecorated and placed on the curb on the homeowners recycle day. By undecorated they mean that all lights, tinsel, the metal stand and ornaments must be removed.

If the tree is over five feet, it must be cut into five-foot segments to fit in the truck.

Apartments and certain condos and townhouses, must call for tree collection in advance. Trees should not be placed out in the street. Call Recology at 650-967-3034.

In addition to trees other recycleable items will be collected. Homeowners should do the following according to the city:

  • Place cans and bottles in one paper bag or small box next to your cart.
  • Place mixed paper, newspaper, small cardboard together in another paper bag or small box.
  • In the event of rain, please double-bag your recycling.
  • Flatten and bundle cardboard pieces (no larger than 3' by 3').

 Recycle Old Tree Lights Too!

Have an extra special green Christmas by taking your broken and burnt-out Christmas lights to the SMaRT Station, 301 Carl Road, Sunnyvale, CA, open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, except Christmas and New Year's Days.

Here are some other ideas compiled by the city:

  • Christmas Light Source Recycling Program, 4313 Elmwood Drive, Benbrook, TX 76116. The bulbs will be recycled (not incinerated), and proceeds will be used to purchase books for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation in their area. You’ll also get a coupon to save 10 percent on a future order of replacement bulbs.Christmas Light Source.
  • Environmental LED, 109 E. Prairie St., Victsburg, MI 49097 (Attn:  Christams Light Recycling).
  • Greenopolis.com offers unique craft ideas using old holiday lights.  See "10 Ways to Recycle Lights" article.


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