It's Bird, It's a Plane, It's Air Force One!

Thanks to Mountain View resident Ernest Aguayo for the photo.

Without fail, everytime there is news that President Obama plans to visit the Bay Area, I get an email from Mountain View resident Ernest Aguayo.

"Do you know when Obama is going to be landing at Moffett today?" said the one he sent on Wednesday, May 23.

Aguayo wanted to share the arrival of Air Force One with his son. Both were very excited.

They got their wish, snapped this great photo of the descent of the airplane. and allowed us to share his moment with the rest of you!


Editor's note: This post is the result of user-generated content. Mountain View Patch encourages readers to send articles, photos and video clips of anything newsworthy, quirky, beautiful, funny or dramatic when you're out and about in the city, at home or anywhere.


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