Mountain View Helps Make State 'Strong'

City highlighted on state website promoting successful local government programs.

Flex those muscles, Mountain View, you're a "Strong City." As in a strong, vibrant community successfully leading its citizens into the future, according to two statewide organizations.

On Thursday, Jan. 19 a profile about the City of Mountain View was posted on the Strong Cities/Strong State website, a project of the League of California Cities and the California City Management Foundation (CCMF). The campaign highlights local government success stories from across the state.

Mountain View is being touted for its work in environmental sustainability, as well as its long range planning, and even amenities like the and the Graham Reservoir and Sports Complex.

"On behalf of the city of Mountain View and as 2012 League of California Cities President, I am supportive of the League and the California City Management Foundation's efforts to bring into sharp focus the extraordinary work done by cities each and every day," said in a statement.

"The vitality, diversity and stability maintained by the vast majority of California cities through very challenging economic times is an important message for all Californians. Through local efforts we are working together to foster the kind of innovation, progress, and growth that makes this such a vibrant state," he said.

The Strong Cities/Strong State website is the centerpiece of a campaign promoting city success stories alongside profiles of the elected officials and city managers working together to build and maintain a high quality of life for California city residents.

Highlights of the city's profile on the Strong Cities website include its Environmental Sustainability Task Force, the long-range planning document General Plan 2030, the , the award-winning Graham Reservoir and Sports Complex, and a variety of health and wellness initiatives.

Mountain View commented: "This important campaign highlights the best of cities contributions from across the state. I am pleased that it emphasizes an often missed fact that the vast majority of direct government services are provided at the local level.  As cities, it is our mission to ensure we are meeting the unique needs of our community each and every day."

The Strong Cities/Strong State website will feature stories about all of California's cities over the next year and a half.


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