On World Water Day, Think Before You Drink

As the world population grows, concerns about the depletion of clean and accessible water increases.

Lately, Mountain View has had its fair share of rainy days. But it didn't rain as much this winter as usual.

The Bay Area remains at 50 percent below normal rainfall and while Mountain View no longer has orchards, this means less water for area farms. To raise awareness about the increasing scarcity of fresh and clean water for food production the United Nations chose "Water and Food Security," as the theme of this year's annual World Water Day celebration.

And as part of World Water Day 2012, acknowledgement of the efforts of people and institutions to conserve water will take place around the world. Locally, the Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards will take place at the Redwood City Council Chambers, 1017 Middlefield Rd., from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Among the award recipients will be the Santa Clara Valley Water District, Frank Niccoli of the San Carlos-based business The Village Gardener, a sustainable landscape architect.

Other commemorations include that from the Mountain View-based water filtration product company, Zuvo Water, who asks fans on its Facebook page to complete the sentence: “I am thankful for water because... .” From the people who participate one will be chosen by midnight of Mar. 22, 2012 to receive a Zuvo Water Filtration System valued at $299.

"Water resources are increasingly under pressure all over the world," said CEO Andy Butler. "We are excited to offer this forum to highlight the need to preserve this precious commodity, as well as to celebrate our appreciation of water and commemorate World Water Day."

Another way Zuvo Water, located at 404 Villa St., tries to help--they donate all the profits from the sale of their water bottles to fund safe water access in Africa and bring potable water to rural villagers.

The city of Mountain View thinks about water conservation too.

By state mandate, Mountain View must conserve 20 percent more water by 2020 and it's already half way there. Also, the city recycles three million gallons of waste water, used by companies in North Bayshore for irrigation and firefighting. Find out more and gettips about "water-wise" gardening and information about rebates to business available on the city's website.

Pete&Kara March 23, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Living in a Winnebago, we don't use running water. So water use is always on our minds. One of our favorite water-saving strategies is our dish-washing system. We use a squirt bottle with soapy water to clean off a dish, using our fingers or a sponge for agitation if necessary. Then we rinse off with another squirt bottle (no soap) and dry with a towel. It's super easy and we use much less water than other methods of dish washing. Some may find this to be too "unsanitary" but I just say it builds immunity. I've never felt healthier!
Claudia Cruz (Editor) March 23, 2012 at 07:40 AM
That's fascinating! My mother grew up in a country where because of rolling black outs, the water supply would get cut off. So she grew up always storing water for emergency. This actually came in handy when New York had it's black out back in 2003 and there was no electricity to get water up to her 17th floor apartment. She had plenty of water saved to cook (gas stove) and bathe!
Pete&Kara March 23, 2012 at 06:51 PM
My grandmother always has gallons of water on reserve "just in case." My sister was stuck in the 2003 blackout- I imagine she could have used some extra water being that it was so hot and she walked for miles. I was skeptical about the squirt bottle dish washing system at first, but it's really won me over. Pete first used the technique when he lived on a sail boat in Hawaii. I would encourage it for anyone trying to save water (whether for monetary or environmental reasons). There's no need to use copious amounts of water on a plate that you just put a sandwich on, you know?


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