Recommended Routes to School in Mountain View

From the City of Mountain View:

Getting more of our children to walk and bike to school improves child and community health, benefits the environment by reducing automobile emissions, and decreases traffic congestion around schools. 

To support these efforts, Safe Moves, in partnership with the City of Mountain View and supported by a grant from VERBS  (Santa Clara County’s Vehicle Emissions Reductions Based at Schools program), created these Recommended Routes to School maps for the public schools in Mountain View and Los Altos High School. 

To create the maps Safe Moves walked and biked every possible route to school.

Please check your child’s recommended route to school and leave a comment with your suggestions for how to improve safety. 

When using the maps, note that green lines are recommended routes for walking or biking and orange lines are recommended routes for biking.

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools


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