Redevelopment on the Council's Mind

With a new leadership, the city's first session takes on property negotiations and the California Supreme Court.

While not completely unexpected, the across the state does put the City of Mountain View in a tough–and costly–position.

Mountain View's revitalization agency must be dissolved by Feb. 1, 2012, which puts on hold projects in the early stages of development–like another downtown parking structure–and forces the immediate payment of debt on past projects. Any funds for future projects from the current property taxes alotted to the RDA revert back to the city and schools. The discussion of the RDA and what choices the city still has could be lengthy at tonight's council session.

There's no study sessions and the regular sessionstarts  at 6:30 p.m. in the . It's not a long agenda, but where to get extra money for redevelopment projects and pay off debt could make for lively conversation.

Agenda items include:

Closed Session

  • Property negotiations regarding price and terms of payment for lots at 240 and 242 Bryant Street; and lot on corner of Franklin and Dana Streets between city and Charles Dunn.

Regular Session

  • Proclamation to David Muela, community service director, for 20 years of service to the city.

Consent calendar

  • Approval of minutes
  • Renewal of Bean Scene Cáfe lease
  • Reappointment of Carter Coleman to Downtown Committee

New business

  • City will discuss the action minutes of the Environmental Action Committee, after the committee has raised concerned with current format.
  • Adopt resolution to allow city to become successor agency to Revitalizaton Authority. This could cost the city between $150,000 and $200,000.

Remember that you can watch City Council sessions live on KMVT Channel 15 starting at 6:30 p.m. and also directly from the city government's live video or audio streams.


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