Special Meeting set Tuesday for Mountain View City Council

Among items on the agenda is a resolution to authorize removal of eight Heritage Trees.

The Mountain View City Council will hold a special meeting at 6:30p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 21, in the City Hall Council Chambers, 500 Castro St. Below are highlights from the agenda.

Public Hearings:

Vacation of portions of Stierlin Road and Washington Alley

  • Adopt a resolution ordering the vacation of a portion of a public street right-of-way on Stierlin Road and Washington Alley, to be read in title only.

Planned Development on Fairchild Drive

  • Adopt a resolution conditionally approving a permit for an 18-unit residential development and a permit to authorize removal of eight Heritage Trees at 111-123 Fairchild Drive, to be read in title only.

The complete City Council Agenda can be downloaded here.

The meeting will be telecast live over Channel 26 on the Mountain View Comcast cable television system, and shown on the web at http://www.mountainview.gov.

Don Dubocq January 21, 2014 at 11:45 AM
PG&E is going to destroy 30 old growth trees on one block in sunnyvale--then use herbicides to kill the soil forever-they will put residents at risk of chronic illness and endanger wildlife to save a few dollars . they are crazy and must be stopped before they kill everything in their way
Don Dubocq January 21, 2014 at 11:46 AM
pg&e is an out of control insane bulldozer of destruction
Don Dubocq January 21, 2014 at 12:23 PM
PG&E will lie,cheat,kill living things and then justify their actions instead of looking at alternative methods just to achieve the financial desires they yearn for. For example- Move the location of a pipeline instead of defacing a community and contaminating it's land and violating the right to have clean air by destroying countless trees. I mean Duh!!!! What kind of fools make decisions like that. This is California where we have fought very hard for clean air and to preserve our environment. Not the Brazilian Rain Forest which has been destroyed by the infantile actions of companies that resemble what PG&E is doing lately. PG&E must cease all plans and stop the tree mulching and herbicide use . Vietnam is over dudes.


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