Bullis and LASD on Los Altos City Council Agenda Tuesday Night

The city of Los Altos and the Los Altos School District have a tightly focused agenda on several aspects of the Bullis Charter School and the need for a campus.

Since the Mountain View City Council doesn't meet today, local residents with kids in the Los Altos School District might want to head over and listen in on the neighboring city's session tonight.

Usually, the Los Altos City Council and the Los Altos School District normally leave matters of joint interest to a twice-yearly committee meeting.

But 2012 has proved to be an unusual year, ever since the Sixth District State Court of Appeal 's lawsuit claiming that the school didn't provided facilities in accordance with state law. When the state Supreme Court denied the district's appeal, things changed quickly.

Twenty-five percent of Mountain View children attend school in LASD. Mountain View Mayor Mike Kasperzak recently met with district officials who'd like to find space in Mountain View for a 10th campus.

Tuesday night the full boards will meet at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers at Los Alto City Hall, 1 N. San Antonio Rd., to discuss:

  1. Traffic safety at Egan Jr. High School and Blach Intermediate School
  2. The between the Bullis Charter School and the school district 
  3. Review of the bond survey results testing support for building a 10th campus and improvements to LASD schools 
  4. LASD's response to a request to confirm the school district would not pursue eminent domain to acquire city-owned land 
  5. LASD's need for a 10th campus

The council has made arrangments for overflow seating in the nearby Los Altos Youth Center. The proceedings will be televised through the city's community access channel and webstreamed at http://losaltosca.gov/citycouncil/online/index.html  

In addition, Los Altos Patch will live blog the event. 

In any case, if you are coming to the meeting, get there early for a seat inside the council chambers. 

Additional reporting by Claudia Cruz

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