Bullis - LASD Reps Meet Over Prop. 39 Meeting

Fingers crossed: Representatives from the Los Altos School Board and Bullis Charter School met for more than two hours Wednesday night to discuss the preliminary facilties offer.


The applause was spontaneous.

Before an audience of about 100 people, a pair of Los Altos School Board members and a pair of Bullis Charter School members met to discuss the preliminary facilities offer the district has made.

On one side sat LASD Board President Doug Smith and board member Tamara Logan. On the other side sat BCS members Peter Evans and Joe Hurd  surrounded on three sides by rows of chairs for the audience.

At the end of the 90-minute session, a few mild barbs had been thrown, some points about shared space and specialized teaching classrooms was discussed, and administrative staff empowered to discuss sharing arrangements, among other topics raised. Both BCS and LASD parents broke out in applause. It felt hopeful.

"It was a good start," said Courtnenay C. Corrigan, Los Altos Hills Town Council member and BCS parent. It was a comment echoed by others, whether from Noah Mesel of the Huttlinger Alliance for Education or Joe Hurd of the Bullis Charter School Board.

"It's all talk now," allowed Evans. "We'll see what happens."

To work within the framework of the Prop. 39 regulations, Smith asked the BCS team to make as many specific requests as it needed to, in reaction to the preliminary offer that LASD had made.

There are no more meetings scheduled, with the Presidents' Day holiday and winter break week coming up. 

Patch will update this story. In the meantime, read the live-time reportage of the proceedings in the CoverItLive platform above. If you have corrections or clarifications to anything that was presented, please contact losaltos@patch.com.


A subcommittee of The Los Altos School Board hosts members of the Bullis Charter School Board Wednesday night to take questions about the preliminary facilities offer it made on Feb. 1.

The meeting will take public comment but limit the time alloted in the interest of making the meeting between the two bodies as productive as possible, LASD board President Doug Smith has said.

Concerned Parent February 15, 2013 at 12:16 AM
This was a great first step. I'm hopeful that both boards will meet several times again to finalize an offer that works for all impacted students -- from BCS, to Egan, to Blach.


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