LAHS Student of the Month: Meghan McDermott

MVLA's January Student of the Month from Los Altos High School is a two-sport athlete, co-founder of two clubs and a dedicated fundraiser for the Los Athletic League and Haiti Solidarity.


Los Altos High is proud to present Meghan McDermott as January’s Student of the Month.

Meghan is dedicated to several clubs on campus. She is both founder and president of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, as well as co-founder and co-president of the Veteran Appreciation Club. Both clubs were created last year and continue to grow.

Meghan also holds strong ties to Haiti Solidarity where she helps a great deal with the club’s fundraising efforts and is also vice president of the Los Altos Athletic League (LAAL). This club consists of students who take part in sports at LAHS and helps recognize athletes for their excellence and commitment to athletics at our school.

Recently, LAAL worked in conjunction with ASB to set up Sprint for Sports. They held a one-day event that raised over $7,000 for sports related needs at LAHS.

In addition to clubs, Meghan is also a two-sport athlete. She’s played varsity basketball and varsity volleyball for the past three years.

Outside of school, Meghan gives back to the community through the National Charity League (NCL), a mother-daughter organization that performs various types of volunteer work. Meghan joined NCL in seventh grade and has continued to be a part of this organization throughout high school. She also does similar services through another group called Ladies in Volunteer Work.

After graduation, Meghan plans to attend a four-year college. Although she still remains undecided as to where she wishes to attend, Meghan hopes to enroll in a college with plenty of academic flexibility so she may take part in several fields of study. Los Altos High is confident that Meghan will excel in any school she chooses.

Congratulations, Meghan!


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