Mountain View Whisman Partners with El Camino Hospital District

This is the June newsletter from the desk of district Superintendent Craig Goldman.

School districts across the state are cutting non-classroom programs, including many that address children’s physical and mental health issues.

Fortunately for the , ’s Community Benefit program is helping to address unmet health needs. El Camino provides grants to fund several programs that help meet our students’ day-to-day medical needs, promote healthy diet and exercise habits, and support safe, healthy and inclusive play and physical activity.

This past school year, support from the El Camino Hospital District’s Community
Benefit program has enabled our District to provide two additional school nurses
and a part-time health clerk. The have also provided funding for the following:

  • Support for mental health services delivered by (CHAC);
  • HealthTeacher Health Curriculum, which is a comprehensive online resource for teaching good health habits to children;
  • The Playworks program at that supports learning by providing safe, healthy and inclusive play and physical activity at recess and throughout the entire school day. (Support for next year will be expanded to and );
  • The program at Landels; and The (BAWSI), which inspires and encourages girls’ participation in sports programs.

There are many side benefits to all of these highly valued programs. In addition to health benefits, they provide caring adult connections for our students, and these are critical for improving development and academic achievement.

Without our partnership with the El Camino Hospital District, we simply would not have the resources needed to maintain these valuable health and development services.

Barbara Avery, Director of Community Benefit for El Camino Hospital, has stated that they view school districts as critical institutions for improving community health. She shared, “This major financial investment by the [Hospital] District pays dividends for all of us by addressing important but unmet needs.”

As Superintendent, I want to express and share our gratitude for the support of the El Camino Hospital District. If you would like to share your thoughts about these or any other District programs, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Best wishes for a wonderful summer break. Congratulations to our awesome eighth graders, who we wish much success as they move on to high school.

We’ll see the rest of you for the first day of school on Monday, August 20.

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