MVHS' October Student of Month: Sarah Wells

The track athlete and ping pong player also has presidential aspirations.

Congratulations to 's October 2011 Student of the Month, Sarah Wells. The provided this information to Patch.

One of the first things that comes to mind when you meet this month’s Student of the Month, Sarah Wells, is presidential. In all that she does, Sarah strives to be excellent, always pushing herself, whether that is in the classroom or on the track. This drive to succeed, and the success that she has earned would make her a perfect president in my mind. In fact, one of her aspirations, which include starting a college, is to be the first female president. We must say, she would has our vote.

Sarah is an incredible athlete, involved in a plethora of different teams and sports through the years. Throughout high school, Sarah has experimented with three different sports, eventually finding her calling in running. Sarah has been a Varsity member of Mountain View’s Cross Country team for the past four years. She also has run track for three years and even played soccer freshman year. Needless to say, Sarah is quite an athlete. To supplement those extremely competitive sports, Sarah is also very active in ODTTC, which is a ping pong club at school. They host a huge tournament each year and Sarah can be sure to be in the thick of it.

In addition to the numerous hours spent on sports, Sarah somehow finds time to give back to the community, a truly admirable quality. She is completely selfless. Sarah volunteers a lot. One place that she dedicates her time to has been the HOPE mentor program (Helping Other People Excel) that works with middle school students at . Furthermore, this past summer Sarah was part of a program called Amigos and was stationed in Costa Rica for seven weeks where she taught kids for five days a week, forming youth groups that encouraged positive sentiment within the community. She also greatly improved her Spanish. Moreover, Sarah took part in KLD (), a summer soccer program targeted for at risk children, to keep them busy during the summer.

Sarah has a multitude of passions but the ones that really stand out to her are running, helping others and math/physics. The third of her list of top passions leads us into the incredible academic world of Wells. Just to give you an idea of how brilliant Sarah is, her top schools are Yale, Stanford Harvard, and Colorado College. If that wasn’t a big enough of an indicator, Sarah’s GPA is a 4.77 and a 4.0 weighted. Her favorite moment in Physics AP was when she created a computer game that obeyed the laws of physics.            

When we think of a president, we think of someone who is smart, selfless, commands attention with a quiet grace, and is a leader, just to name a few. Sarah not only meets all of these qualities, she exceeds them.


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