MVHS Student of the Month: Conan Zhou

This honors student loves math, finds time to volunteer in the community, helps others succeed in school and scores baskets on the school's Varsity Basketball team.

Congratulations to Mountain View High's February 2012 Student of the Month, Conan Zhou. The Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District designates this honor to a student from one or more of its high schools each month and provides the text of its nomination to Patch. Zhou was honored at the Feb. 13 meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Conan Zhou is well-deserving of the prestigious title of February’s Student of the Month.

First, Conan’s GPA says it all: 4.72 weighted and 4.0 un-weighted. He has consistently challenged himself with tough classes including Forthoffer’s Trigonometry Honors class and Krishna’s Biology AP class. Coincidentally, they both happen to be his favorite classes because they are intellectually stimulating as well as relevant and interesting. Conan hopes to attend an Ivy League school, Stanford or Berkeley. As a major, he's mainly undecided although he's leaning towards something business related.

Outside of the classroom, Conan continues to excel. He has been a part of Mandarin Club since freshman year and has participated in both Key Club and Speech and Debate. Currently, he's in the process of starting up a new club called Academic Success Club to help others succeed in school by creating a cooperative network of students. Conan is a peer tutor in the Tutorial Center and has been a sports summer camp coach assistant for the City of Mountain View Recreation Division. Conan also played badminton freshman year.

However, Conan’s real passions reside with basketball. He played Junior Varsity Basketball Sophomore year and is currently on the highly successful Varsity Basketball team this year. In addition to basketball Conan loves to play piano and has played for 10 years.

But, what really makes Conan truly embody what it means to be "Student of the Month" is his genuine character. He is one of the nicest people you could ever meet and this shines through when he talks about his future. "My goal is to study hard in college, then pursue a career that I will enjoy, be able to help others, as well as support myself and my family."

Conan’s geniality and work ethic is, according to him, gained by his parents who have sacrificed so much to ensure he has such wonderful opportunities. This is whom he gleans his inspiration from. Others, however, glean their inspiration from Conan.

Anon May 21, 2012 at 01:50 AM
4.0 students that do a bunch of clubs and APs are a dime a dozen


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