MVHS Student of the Month: Kyle Bardman

With a 4.8 GPA and time to run track, MVHS' student of the month also finds time to be a member of the Quiz Team.


Congratulations to Mountain View High's April 2012 Student of the Month, Kyle Bardman. The  designates this honor to a student from one or more of its high schools each month and provides the text of its nomination to Patch. Bardman was be honored at the Apr. 23 meeting of the Board of Trustees:

Kyle Bardman is 's student of the month. Kyle excels in everything he does, inside and outside of the classroom.

In the classroom, Kyle stands out from everyone. He has a 4.8 GPA weighted and a 4.0 GPA unweighted. With the types of classes he is taking and has taken, including Chemistry AP, this is extremely impressive. His favorite class is United States History AP because he excels in it and he finds it to be relevant to everyday life.

Kyle has big aspirations for college. He wants to go the East Coast to Brown University, MIT, or Harvard. As for after college, Kyle is undecided but he knows he wants to do something concerning the economy.

Out of the classroom, Kyle is equally as impressive. Kyle is a member of both Varsity Track and Varsity Cross Country, the prestigious Quiz Kids team, and is an Investment Club member (he is currently in first place). Those that have inspired him are his parents who push him to succeed yet always support him. Congratulations Kyle!


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