Preliminary Offer to Bullis Charter School Set For Discussion Monday Night

LASD staff has prepared four scenarios of grade configurations in preparation for the Feb. 1 deadline to make a preliminary offer to BCS.


The public can get a first glimpse at the Los Altos School District's possible faciltities offer Monday night, five days before the Feb. 1 preliminary offer deadline.

Assistant Superintendent for Business Randy Kenyon has prepared analyses of what costs might look like if LASD offered facilities housing different configurations of grades split between Egan Jr. High School and Blach Intermediate School.

They include:

  • Grades K-5 at Egan and 6-8 at Blach, approx. cost of $306,000
  • Grades K-4 at Egan and 5-8 at Blach, approx cost of $447,000
  • Grades K-3 at Egan and 4-8 at Blach, approx. cost of $664,000
  • Grades K-6 at Egan and 7-8 at Blach, approx. cost of $255,000

The latter was not requested, Kenyon wrote, but was provided because it represents the status quo.

All configurations were based on the district's counter-projections of BCS' in-district student population of 572, not the 615 students that BCS had reported.

Portables cost approximately $45,000 to install, Kenyon has said.

Patch has posted the main points and an analysis of the grade configurations on Egan and Blach schools.

Bullis Charter School Chairman Ken Moore announced the willingness to agree to a split campus solution for the short-term if it could get some key parameters met that would allow the school to have a more balanced number of students on both campuses, and enough facilities that would allow them to duplicate some functions, so that students and personnel did not have travel across town during the middle of the day, losing instructional time and creating hardship.

C.A.S. January 28, 2013 at 04:07 PM
split it down the middle due to traffic impact!! Not fair to keep three schools so close together. Egan Santa Rita and Bullis Charter. Too much traffic already.
Joan J. Strong January 28, 2013 at 08:12 PM
People should not "freak out" over this offer tonight, as with any luck it will serve only as a legal placeholder. The BCS board has indicated a willingness to compromise and it appears at first blush to be viable. The *actual* solution will be hashed out in separate negotiations. Nothing to see here. Move along...
ANB January 29, 2013 at 12:41 AM
We will have to see what the actual offer is. Right now they seem to be offering BCS even less space for more students. They are also dictating school configurations to BCS. They decided to take two solutions off the table, both of those would have been much better for most of the kids in the district. BCS has agreed to compromise but needs a complete school site at Blach and needs to be able to decide who to place there. It is going to cost money to open a complete camp school, it really would be much less expensive to turn over an LASD site, either GB or Covington and redraw attendance boundaries. It would be easy to redistribute the populations of either of those schools as kids there would still have a neighborhood school close by to attend. You could also switch campuses with Covington and move Covington North to the camp site and move the remaining Covington students to GB, Loyola, Springer and Almond. Or you could divide the current Covington site into two school sites. Still another alternative would be to move six graders to the middle school. These offers will only invite more litigation. They are clearly favoring students in the district run programs and placing BCS students in crowded unequal conditions. It is a clear cut case of discrimination, and will likely be struck down in the higher court.


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