When Does School Start in Mountain View?

With a little less than a month left for school to start it's a date parents can't wait for, but kids probably wish were later.

It’s summertime and there's still plenty of time to enjoy your favorite activities and family vacations.

But before you know it, back-to-school season will begin and you’ll be at , and other stores snatching up school supplies and the latest fashions.

For students part of the , school starts on Aug. 20 for elementary school and middle school students.

students also return to school on Aug. 20. Freshman orientation begins Aug. 16, while orientation for sophomores, juniors and seniors takes place Aug. 17.

students head back on Aug. 15.

For all —, and —summer break ends a little earlier. They start on Aug. 13.

MVHS hosts orientation nights for its ninth through 12th grade the previous week.

Enjoy those summer vacations to give your brains a rest so you can be back and ready to learn come August.

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