UPDATE: 'Y' May Not Have Hot Water Until Monday

Due to a pump that burst on Wednesday night which affected the distribution of hot water, the YMCA of Mountain View is encourages members to use other local sites.

Members of the who shower at the Mountain View facility take heed—there's no hot water.

The hot water circulation pump "blew up" last night, according to Facilities Director Juan Gomez, who arrived at 4:30 a.m. this morning to a flooded basement. Gomez quickly turned off the hot water to the entire building and instructed staff to inform the members that arrive what happened.

Gomez had hoped to have a rebuilt pump installed as early as possible Friday morning. But things don't always arrive that quickly.

Elaine Glissmeyer, the executive director of the El Camino Y gave a final update in an email to members that the Y expected to have hot water running by Monday "at the latest."

"While we wait for a part to arrive from Colorado, our members will continue to be accommodate at other YMCA of Silicon Valley branch locations, she wrote in her email.

Gomez added however, that the facility has a 10,000 reserve gallon tank of hot water, which does provide warm water for showers. However, after a full day without the circulating hot water, this tank could be depleted.

The swimming pool has not been affected at all because it runs on a different water system, he explained.

The YMCA noticed a few weeks ago that the affected pump needed to be replaced, explained Gomez, so they ordered a new one from the San Jose Boiler company on Feb. 14. However, a new pump takes four weeks to receive. Unfortunately, the current pump didn't hold.

"Things happen and we do the best to resolve problem," he said. "We'll try to correct it as soon as we can."

After drying up the basement floor–he said nothing was damage because items were up high on shelves and water escaped through drains–Gomez sprung into action.

He took apart the old pump and drove it to Palo Alto Electric, "before they even opened." The company had to order new parts from Colorado overnight. As soon as Gomez receives the rebuilt pump in the morning, he will install it.

"It will be like a new pump," he said, adding that "money is not the issue, but getting hot water for the members is."

An email from the YMCA went out to its members at 7:57 a.m. that explained the problem and recommended members "visit another YMCA of Silicon Valley location if you need to shower after your work out." They also shared on Facebook that Palo Alto Family YMCA will accomodate El Camino YMCA.


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